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Pet Fur Remover Brush

Rs. 999.00

Remove unsightly lint or those tiny woolly balls all over your clothes, especially jackets, coats and sweaters with this handy lint remover.  A blessing for pet parents to help remove pet fur and hair from clothing, sofas, beds and more. Just roll the lint remover over the affected surface and lint and fur will be on their way to the dust bin in no time! Comes with a holder to prevent it from touching other objects and keep it safely stored away when not in use.


  • Double-sided brush to help you remove the most of lint and fur.
  • Simply place the brush on the cloth you want to clean and apply a firm pressure in the arrow direction and let it does the work.
  • Comes with a self cleaning base so you don't have to even touch the mess on the brush.
  • Great to keep your clothes and fabric clean from pet fur, hair, lint, dust bunny hordes.
  • Size: 33 * 7.5 * 5 cm


Package Includes: 1 X brush 1 X Self-cleaning base