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Mini Sewing Machine

Rs. 1,199.00

Our Mini Sewing Machine will perfectly save space, time, and muscle energy for you while doing its task effectively!

The Mini Sewing Machine helps you see more clearly and reducing damage to your eyes. It is more convenient to use the sewing machine at night. With an auto thread cutter, you can easily cut the line. It offers double thread sewing, neat, and straight stitch. Moreover, our Sewing Machine has an automatic winding of bobbin thread and upper thread that is easy to replace. Furthermore, you can switch the speed to low or high speed.

  • Our Mini Portable Sewing Machine is designed with mini size and one stitching type which matches the basic home sewing demand. It is portable and suitable for sewing multiple light and thin fabrics. 
  • Our Mini Portable Sewing Machine equips double thread for neat and straight stitches, The speed can also be adjusted from low speed to high speed, You can use either household socket or batteries as the sewing machine’s power source, It also features a headlight, automatic thread cutter. 
  • This Mini Sewing Machine is extremely simple and effective and does not require any expertise to use. You can do your sewing at home and enjoy the fun of creation instead of paying the tailor to do it. 
  • Besides, Mini Sewing Machine comes with a pedal. You can choose a hand switch or foot pedal to control. Furthermore, our Sewing Machine is lightweight, compact, and portable. Most importantly, the working mechanism of our Machine can save human energy, space, and time for a user. Our Mini Sewing Machine is an excellent gift for people who love sewing at home.