Body Wellness Posture Corrector

Rs. 1,699 Rs. 3,599


Did you know poor posture can be super unattractive? Whether you’re walking in for an interview, or even going for a simple walk, a bad posture can completely give a whole shabby, unattractive vibe! It is harmful for one’s health as well. Regardless of gender, everybody needs and should stress on sitting, walking properly, and to do this we bring to you the amazing BODY WELLNESS POSTURE SCULPTOR/CORRECTOR. The product holds and pulls your shoulders back super firmly, preventing “rounding” of shoulders. The product has done wonders to many, and is a definite must if you’re an athlete, a person who regularly works out, or someone who slouches a lot. It’s time to stand tall, feel confident and definitely healthier!

  • Comes with a flexible, easily adjustable dual strap design!
  • Adjust upto 28in to 48in in the chest area.
  • Latex Free Straps.
  • Lightweight padded neoprene, can be worn under your clothes everyday.
  • Corrects the whole body posture, even during work, play, or during activities!